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A Unique Experience In a Small Town

A Unique Experience In a Small Town

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What Makes Glocester Special

Glocester is a rural town in northern Rhode Island. Over our 300 year history, Glocester has maintained a favorable environment for small business. The town also is host to many acres of open land, which allows for hiking trails and outdoor recreation.

Local Events

Glocester is famous for our seasonal events, like the Ancients & Horribles Parade on 4th of July, the Scarecrow Festival in the fall and Candlelight Shopping in the Village during the holiday season

One of the Safest Communities in RI

Glocester is known for being a very safe community. In addition to Rhode Island being the 9th safest state in the US, Glocester has among the lowest crime rates in the state, according to the Uniform Crime Reporting of the FBI

Local Shopping & Dining

Make a day trip to Glocester to explore our many shops and restaurants! While you're visiting, you'll find antiques, art, artisan crafts, great food and so much more!

Open Spaces and State Parks

In Glocester, we take our open and green spaces seriously. The Glocester Land Trust owns 2400 acres, which is over 8% of the land mass of the town! On the GLT properties, you'll find well maintained hiking trails and beautiful nature. Glocester is also home to several state parks to explore.

Looking to spend the day or open a business? see what Glocester, RI has to offer.

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